Welcome to SeaBeds

We hope that you have a magical stay with us

We hope that you are settling in well and enjoying your time with us!  We’ve created a quick guide below so that you can get the most out of the lodge – if you have any other questions or if we can help in any way please do call our Duty Manager on 01855 413 006.  We’re around and close-by 24/7 to make your stay as perfect as possible!

The first step to your very own cinema is to bring down the screen and to close the curtains – all of which can be done using the pod control on the wall opposite the toilet. The projector can be turned on using the labelled remote. The next step is to make sure you are connected to the free wifi – Woodlands . Good news is you don’t need a password to connect! Once the projector is on and you are connected, you can broadcast from any streaming service on your phone onto the chromecast in the lodge. Simply select your programme on your phone and click the chromecast option when you are steaming. Please make sure you are streaming to the correct lodge!

If you prefer, there is a normal TV in the bedroom and a remote control on the bedside table. 

Your Lodge needs lots of air to breathe!  We recommend leaving the extractor fans on (particularly when you’re not in the lodge) to help fresh air circulate.

A complimentary continental breakfast is included with your stay, baked fresh in our kitchen and delivered outside your lodge before 8:30am each morning. 

If you need more milk, or in fact anything, please do just ask.

Reception is based in the Clubhouse building, and is open from 9am to 5pm.  Outside of these times we will have a super-hero standing by, just waiting to swoop in and save the world – to “send out the batsignal” simply call 01855 413 006.

Rural Scotland isn’t famous for super-fast internet, but at least there’s something!  There’s Wi-Fi in your lodge and in the café/lounge area.  No need for a password as you should get in without one (we like to keep things simple!).

You have total control over your environment! You will see your air coniditoner in the middle of the living space in the lodge, which is controlled using the labelled controller. If you are feeling a little cool, simply set the function to “auto” and select your desired heat and warm air will fill your lodge in no time! The underfloor heating should be constantly on a low level, to keep your toes toasty! If you need help please give us a call – our hearts desire is that you are truly comfortable at all times!

For that great romantic mood, set the scene with lighting!  Most controls are as you enter the lodge on the panel on the left hand side, on brand new “pod control”. You can select which lights you would like so set – or turn them all on using the clever sliders on the screen. You may want to turn other lights down and play with the colour-changing LED lighting system! There are also switches which you can use if you prefer! 

Easy to use, and just lovely to be in! 

Please, oh please!  take a shower before going in, and don’t put anything into the water except yourself.  Adding soap etc. has horrible consequences.

Temperature:  the hot-tubs are set to 37.5°C and idle away happily at this temperature 24/7 – clever technology means that there’s no need to “turn them off”.  Please replace the insulated cover to keep the heat in and conserve energy.  The hot tubs do take some time to increase and decrease temperature, so it’s worth checking the temperature when you arrive and giving the duty manager a call if it’s still below 30 degrees at 5pm.

Jets:  these are an important part of the filtration/cleaning process, so should be covered by water at all times.  The jets come on occasionally as part of the routine filtering mechanism, so the intermittent sound of the motors is fine.

Health warnings:  20 mins is the recommended max time.  Hot Tubs should only be used by those who are medically ok to do so (not diabetic, pregnant etc.) and it is not recommended to drink alcohol while bubbling. This is of course your responsibility. 😊

Leaving the tub:  please replace the insulated cover.

Cleaning:  to keep your hot tub sparkling, out team visit a few times in the day to carry out checks & cleaning. We do aim to do this in the background without disturbing you, so with any luck you won’t see our hot-tub Ninjas!

Great to set the mood, but candles too tend to burn the wooden decking, or worse still the lovely surfaces in the lodge!  If you use candles please rest them on top of something suitable.

To enjoy lovely coffee in your lodge, first please make sure the machine is on, and plugged in at the wall. 

Fill the water tank at the back of the machine with water, flip up the handle and place your chosen coffee pod into the pod shaped hole on top of the machine. If the pod is correctly in place, you can pull down the lever onto the pod and it should clip down firmly.  

Finally choose your chosen coffee size and give it time! You should hear something happening, and in less than 30 seconds you will have the perfect mug of coffee!  Let us know if you would like more coffee at any time! 

Sadly all good things must come to an end – but we hope you will return!

Please hand your key in to reception by 10am so that our housekeeping team can sparkle.

Late check-out at 11am is sometimes possible, and can be purchased by calling reception.

We won’t!  The only time we need to come near your lodge is to do a few quick checks on the hot tub.

If you do need total privacy, please let our reception team know – we schedule a time to clean hot tubs when you are out on adventures.

Some lodges are set aside specially for guests with furry friends.  Please make sure that our team know that there will be three of you staying tonight if they don’t already!

Indeed, dogs are very welcome on the estate (on a lead, of course) and there are brilliant walks all around.  One thing we ask – please don’t let your dog up on those lovely Egyptian cotton sheets, on the sofa up the blinds, in the hot tub, or on the ceiling?!

Please take care not to stain the bedding with food!  We’ve sourced all that yummy Egyptian cotton with love and care; we simply ask that you might love it just a little, too.

The emergency assembly point is outside the Clubhouse building.  Please evacuate immediately and then call us on 01855 413 006

Electrical:  the electricity switches off at the master board, in the lower cupboard on your left as you enter the lodge.

Fire:  each lodge is equipped with a fire alarm as well as a fire extinguisher – you may wish to identify the location on arrival.

Flood:  given our amazing location beside a river, we are obliged to provide an automatic flood alarm system.  If you hear a loud siren in your lodge, please leave immediately to the emergency assembly point.

From June through September we are plagued by these small biting bugs and sadly there’s sadly not much we can do about them!

In your lodge you will find a bottle of “Smidge” during these months which can be sprayed onto your skin (nothing else please) to stop them biting. No need to do this before jumping in the hot tub though – the heat alone should keep the midges away and these kinds of things aren’t good for the hot tub filters. 

Please leave the bottle in your lodge for our next guests when you depart (these products are available for sale in the Clubhouse).

We understand that accidents happen, but please do treat our lovely lodges like you would your home and let us know if anything is broken.

An additional charge will be made to your card to cover the cost of any reckless damage.

Please settle your account at the Clubhouse the afternoon before departure.

How could your stay be better?  In operating the most romantic getaway in Scotland, we have developed the wee lodges based on our boredom with traditional hospitality offerings and thanks to some great feedback from previous guests.  Please take a moment to let us know if your stay could be better – our hope is that you will have a deeply comfortable time with us.  Email us at stay@riverbeds.co.uk or visit riverbeds.co.uk/feedback.

We would really appreciate your review on whichever platforms you use – TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, Booking.com etc.  We’re typically listed under “Riverbeds Luxury Wee Lodges”.

We certainly hope so!  The best rates are always available by booking directly on our website – RiverBeds.co.uk.

If you want us to let you know about any special offers or seasonal promotions, please join our free Loyalty Club by visiting www.RiverBeds.co.uk/loyalty-club.

Our tap water is some of the best quality and tastiest in the world!  Please do enjoy. 

Should you wish to adventure further afield and need a taxi please call Ali on 01855 811 136 or Kenny on 01855 811 764.

Spares are available under the bathroom sink.

The power button is the circle furthest to the right.

Press one of the two vertical circles to select the hob you want to control, and use the “up” and “down” arrows to adjust temperature  (1 is low, 10 is high).

If the screen displays “lo” then the safety lock has been activated!  Just tap the lock symbol and the lock will disapear.

Bin bags are collected from outside each lodge between 7.30am-8am – just leave them tied up outside your door ready for collection.