Golf in Scotland's most scenic Glen

Described as one of ‘Scotland’s hidden gems’ and rated "The Best 9 hole course in Scotland" by Bunkered Magazine, Woodlands Golf Course is simply one of the best things do when visiting Ballachulish, Glencoe, Kinlochleven, Oban and Fort William.

The Course is open daylight hours throughout the year! It’s not just the location that is special (and this must surely be one of the most dramatic and beautiful loch-side locations in the Highlands), the course itself offers delight, magic and challenge.

Pay and Play

Dragon’s Tooth Golf Course is open to visitors all year round and no handicap certificate is required to play our course. No prior booking is required, just turn up and enjoy a magical round of golf!

Reciprocal 50% discount on Green Fees with the following local clubs: Spean Bridge, Fort William, Traigh, Oban, Glencruitten, Dalmally, and Taynuilt.

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We value the friendship and support of many members – both local and those from afar.  Do join the course and enjoy the great value of total access to the beautiful fairways and superb greens . . . .

We warmly invite new members to join the course. Members of Fort William Golf Club and Glen Cruitten Golf Club enjoy a 50% discount on their second membership of Dragons Tooth!

There are two ways to Join or Renew your membership for the course. Either print out a paper form below, left. Or you can fill out our online application by clicking below, right. (Just pick today’s date in the calendar, as you step through the simple shopping cart.)

Corporate Memberships

Corporate members have a first-class convenient environment to entertain, discuss or negotiate with colleagues, clients or employees. The environment is relaxed, spacious and green, away from the pressures of the workplace.

Our corporate members can enjoy all of the benefits that The Woodlands Golf Course has to offer, including the amenities of the Clubhouse, Golf Course, and Practice Facilities.


More Information

Hole One

A great opener par four. An accurate tee shot is required as a shot left of centre will result in the path to the green being hampered by a mature Elm just off the fairway.  The second shot is not easy either as the elavated green sits guarded by two well placed bunkers and a water hazard just off the back.

Hole Two

The signature hole. A classic par three and it’s so pleasing to the eye from the tee. Going for glory to the green can be hampered by a burn running from left to right in front of green; to the left mature trees and a hidden bunker just behind . To the right a mature old oak overhangs the green.  All this and the forward sloping green sits on a naturally elevated rock formation. Good luck!

Hole Three

From an elevated tee this short, par four may tempt the long hitter to go for the hidden green. However, mature trees to the left will punish a low drive. The green sits low down, guarded  by two deep bunkers.

Hole Four

Teeing off on the edge of Loch Linnhe looking up towards the Dragon’s Tooth mountain – not many other tees can offer such a striking all round view.  A sliced shot off this tee could land you in the wet stuff.  Avoiding the water, the wide uphill fairway is hazardless to the undulating green and guarded by a sole pot bunker.

Hole Five

This is a short par four with a slight dog leg to the left.  The fairway is split by a pond and overflow burn .The green sits down-hill for second shot; it is protected by a bunker on the left and small pond to the right.

Hole Six

Starting from an elevated tee, this par four hole has a narrow fairway that dog-legs to the right.  Further to the right, the hole is bordered by mature trees and there is very little view of green until you’re on it .

Hole Seven

Short par three, looking on to the Pap of Glencoe in the distance, with a slight uphill green that is protected by two pot bunkers, one at the front and one at the left.  Landing on the green may not guarantee the sand wedge staying in the bag! 

Hole Eight

The eight is all down, with a double dog leg left then right. Mature trees follow this par five all the way to the green alongside the burn on the right hand side. The green is protected by large bunker at the front and river directly behind. Tricky.

Hole Nine

Another classic par three for the last hole. From an elevated tee looking back towards the Club House, this shot is threaded through a tunnel of mature trees over a burn and road to a two tee green guarded by a front facing deep bunker. Golf shots don’t come much better.

The site in which The Dragon’s Tooth Golf Course club sits is the fields of “Glenn a` Chadias”; until recently and for many decades, the area was used for grazing cattle.

The course was opened on the 8th of June 2002, by Scottish Rugby Star Rob Wainwright. So, it’s the newest Golf Course in Lochaber!

It was all the brainchild of the farm owners, Ronnie and Joan MacLaughlin, along with their son Fraser.  They appointed the well known Golf Course Architect Robin Hiseman who now practices his art in the harsh conditions of  the Dubai Desert, a world apart from the lush conditions of the Highlands and the West Coast of Scotland.  Robin was astounded by the superb setting at Ballachulish, and used his skills to create a course that is as challenging as it is beautiful.

It was Fraser MacLaughlin who put in so much hard work and devotion to creating the course, supported by his wife Lorraine and their young family.  Andrew Burnett of Greenstaff Services provided much of the technical expertise and the skilled manpower that converted fields to fairways and the quality of the course today pays tribute to the craftmanship of the construction.

The golf course surrounds Ballachulish House – a 250 year old country house which has chilling connections with the Glencoe massacre (1692) as well as the Appin Murder (1752) and the mystery of the Red Fox.  For much of the last decade a hotel, the house is now a private home.

The whole area is steeped in Scottish history. The course also ‘hides’ part of this in the form of a pictish burial site which has remained remarkably well intact and preserved. Golf course construction took into account this anchient burial site which was left untouched and the surrounding lay of the course means that it goes largely unnoticed by golfers.  Indeed, it’s hidden from most, and you won’t find it listed anywhere!

Head Greenkeeper Jonny Henshall has been developing the course since November 2014.  His passion, enthusiasm and hard work leave their mark and both members and visitors alike comment on how the course just gets better and better. Just this year the course was ranked among the top 50 9-holes in the world! Jonny’s predecessor David Lawrence spent 4 years nurturing the course up to the Autumn of 2014: the current calibre of the fairways, greens and tees has much to do with his professionalism and skills over many months of sheer grind and commitment.

Separate to becoming a member of the course, you may well want to join the members club! To do so, there is a small annual fee which can be paid by contacting the Secretary. The club is a separate grouping of individuals who first came together in 2012 “to enable the golfers to gain handicaps, enjoy club amenities and competitions”.  Full details on the club site. 

The Club is a member of the SGU, SLGA and the SGU North District.  It is happy to support its members in obtaining and maintaining handicaps.

Golf Course – Member Guidelines, Policies and Rules


The Dragon’s Tooth Golf Course agrees to provide all contracted benefits to members, dependent on adherence to the following policies and rules.

Length And Terms Of Membership

1. Golf Membership is an annual Membership valid April 1 or the year paid through March 31 of the following year. Members do not receive an equity stake in the facility or any other privileges not identified in this Member/Guest Contract.
2. Golf Memberships are non-transferable. A valid Membership is conditioned upon completion and acceptance of this Membership contract and receipt of all applicable fees.

Golf Course Rules Of Use

1. Members must identify themselves and sign in at reception (when it is open) prior to commencement of play.
2. Members are not guaranteed access to the clubhouse, toilets, practice area, or golf course.
3. Tee times are not guaranteed.
4. Members may make provisional advanced reservations at anytime and must identify themselves at the time of provisional reservation. Such advanced reservation times will be respected, but cannot be guaranteed.
5. Membership bag tags must be prominently displayed on golf bags at all times while on the course and must be presented to employees and staff upon request.
6. A receipt for golf, cart, range or other purchase or service is required and must be available upon request.
7. No outside food or beverage is allowed in the Club House.
8. A Membership is not valid for any outing, event or tournament unless otherwise specified.
9. Management reserves the right to schedule golf events, special events, and tournaments. During events or tournaments, members may not be able to use all or part of the golf course and/or the club’s facilities; management will always seek to minimize such inconvenience, and will give as much prior notice as possible.
10. The course may be closed at any time due to weather, maintenance or other scheduled events. The opening and closing dates for golf course use is at the sole discretion of management.
11. Management reserves the right to sell, advertise, and market the club in any manner.
12. No dogs are allowed on the main golf play areas at any time.

Member Conduct And Behavior

The following are not allowed at any time:
1. Use of abusive or offensive language in the presence of or to other members, patrons, guests, or staff.
2. Lewd or illegal activity.
3. Play with more than four players in a group without the express consent of management.
4. Use of discounted guest passes without the member present and playing in the group.
5. The Member and/or guest of the Member will be held responsible for any and all damages incurred by the member or guest to the Golf Course or Club House property.
6. Each member agrees to abide by all policies and rules established by Management relating to the conduct of Members and other customers of the club.

Policies may include, without limitation, rules regarding proper conduct, dress code, and golf etiquette.
1. Metal and soft spikes are prohibited from the Club House at all times with the exception of the locker rooms and reception areas.
2. Management reserves the right to require the use of soft spikes on the course at any time.
3. Members or guests are not allowed use of the Golf Course or Club House for any other purpose without proper authorization.
4. Members are not permitted to remove club property such as lost out of bounds balls played by others without the clear and express consent of management.

Member Reservation Of Tee Times

1. Members are encouraged to reserve tee times in advance to obtain preferred access.
2. Reservations will be respected wherever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.
3. Members are encouraged to cancel reserved tee times 24hrs in advance. Management reserves the right to charge members a “no show” fee for failure to cancel reserved tee times 24hrs in advance. The fee will be charged on a discretionary basis depending on the ability of management to re assign the tee time. The fee will be equivalent to the losses incurred e.g. one 9-hole ticket per player.

Termination Or Suspension Of Memberships

Any Golf Membership may be revoked, suspended, or removed without refund for any of the following:

1. Physical or verbal abuse of other members, guests, patrons, or staff.
2. Willful destruction of club, staff or customer property.
3. Commission of any criminal activity, misdemeanor theft or other activity on the grounds.
4. Violation of any of the club policies or rules.
5. Any conduct that detracts from management’s right to manage the club and preserve its integrity.
6. Any Member who violates the policies and rules contained in this document shall be subject to suspension and/or immediate revocation of their membership without refund of fees.
7. Members found to be in violation of the rules and regulations may be denied any and all club privileges. This denial of privileges may apply to one or more family members at management’s sole and absolute discretion.


The policies set forth in this contract replace all prior rules and regulations and all other membership agreements implemented in the past. Prior agreements are no longer valid and are not binding to management.

1. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of membership to any person or party.
2. Management will not be held responsible for loss or damage of any article of personal property on or in any area pertaining to Ballachulish House Golf Course.